18 Dec 2011


It is now over a month since i last blogged. Things have been pretty hectic this last month or so with school, university interview prep (i have my first one on Wednesday) and maintaining some sort of social life. As well as this on Dec 6th I went the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham after receiving two free tickets as i made the final of Junior Journalist of the Year. Unfortunately i didn't win, but the free tickets and spending a day surrounded by clothes was a good consolation prize! We had to write about our style icon and i chose mine on Clemence Poesy, so here it is;
No one does it like the French. It may be over three hundred years since they first instigated the fashion scene, but still there’s no denying that when it comes to the most stylish, France bring fierce competition.
Clémence Poésy encapsulates all that is the Parisian woman; calm, cool, chic. Ever since she emerged onto our screens in Harry Potter, she has been a regular favourite on the fashion radar and it’s obvious why. With messy blonde hair, porcelain skin and authentic features, which have graced the Chloé fragrance campaigns, this girl pulls off that ‘laidback’ look with relaxed perfection; possessing the perfect combination of beautiful, stylish and carefree. Speaking to British Vogue, Clémence wisely states that “Life’s way too beautiful and fascinating to spend time on fashion rules”. Proof that fashion is something she creates but does not necessarily follow, perhaps a consequence of a childhood sheltered from screen icons. Whatever the reason it’s refreshing to find a young actress so unconcerned about being on trend.
Poésy secured her place in the fashion stakes after appearing alongside Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. When comparing Clémence’s own style to that of her on screen character ‘Eva’, it’s hard to separate the two but I suppose if a beautiful, fashionable French girl is playing a beautiful, fashionable French girl there’s not much tweaking involved. More recently, the intriguing beauty has been rightfully spotted front row at fashion shows, though she often refers to fashion as little more than a game claiming that “putting on clothes is like putting on different characters”.
While fashion may be dress up to her, the ability to retain her French roots no matter what clothes she puts on make Clémence a style icon. After all anybody can ‘put’ on clothes, but not everyone has style. 

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