2 Nov 2011

Curious Kooples

We're used to staring at advertisements of beautiful, photo shopped models, who when paired up have to fake their chemistry but the French brand 'The Kooples' know that there's nothing more intriguing than that mysterious, stylish person on the street because unlike the models they're real people who we can relate to, they're not just a character. So what better way to encourage people to buy their clothes than use ordinary people in their advertisement campaigns. Not just one person, but a real life couple with a story behind their relationship. It's easy to understand why the adverts are going to attract attention and ultimately so are the brand because there's nothing as overpowering as human curiosity. 
 The brand was started by three brothers, and the idea for using real life couples was most likely the consequence of their parents former brand comptoir des cotonniers, who use mothers and daughters in their campaigns.
With blogs now a fashion phenomenon, it's not just stars and their stylists who get attention for their fashion and the people in these advertisements represent that. In my opinion the use of true fashionable people in campaigns is something other brands should perhaps embrace, after all it's those people in the street who are the true consumers of the brand.