3 Sep 2011

Style Envy

School is on the horizon, which also means so is autumn. While i am not looking forward to going back to the classroom, I can't say i'm going to miss the back of summer. I am aware i do not sound like a seventeen year old girl, but this summer has dragged towards the end and in a way the beginning of the school year brings that New Years Day feeling. You can go into it full of hope, resolutions and prospects, of course after the first couple of days the novelty wears off but still there's always that excitement a fresh start.
Not only that, but Autumn is my favourite season of the year. My love for each season directly depends to the clothes i wear and from September-November, i envisage layers, baggy knits, dark colours and boots. I've already invested in way too many knits, mainly from HandM, none of which are actually my size. One brown jumper i bought is meant as a top, of course today i wore it as a dress. When it comes to this hobo-chic look, i admire the master of the craft; Mary Kate Olsen. Her fashion sense is less put together and clean cut than her twin, Ashley. I can honestly say that for me, MK always gets it right. With messy hair, the statement sunglasses and the sense that she is wearing ALL the clothes she loves in sizes too big for her, it could be a disaster but to me she is the epitome of effortlessly cool. That's without mentioning her ability to pull of mountains of black clothing and still end up looking feminine and stylish.


Whatever i see her wearing, i want to buy. She has this ability to sell an item of clothing, instantly making it look fashionable so that you feel that you can pull it off too.

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  1. I agree! I love the Olsens, especially Mary-Kate. I share a birthday with them (though I'm a few years younger) and I thought that was the coolest thing when I was little :). ... I guess I still think it's kind of cool haha!