25 Sep 2011

Mary Katranzou

I have been a fan of Mary Katranzou since she first emerged on the fashion radar with her debut Fall 2009 collection. Her designs are hard to miss as she constantly demonstrates artistic influences/prints in her clothes in a more obvious way than other designers, perhaps something which has stemmed from her creative background with a interior designer mother and engineer for a father. Some may deem Katranzou as a one trick pony, with her repeated use of prints and colour, however each season she manages to retain her signature look with a different edge. With bright multi colours evident in each of her collections, her Spring 2012 rtw collection delivered much of the same, however this time the prints seemed to blend easier as they became more abstract and the cut of the pieces on the whole was less structured than in previous collections making these pieces wearable off the runway.
 Katranzou's newest collection is based on 'nurture vs nature' and even the catwalk had a brightly coloured flower bed. One of the main influences of this season came from John Chamberlains art, something she states inspires her throughout the majority of her work. As ever this connection to the artist is obvious with her use of blending and clashing prints and colours to make fashion which manages to work even though it shouldn't. Even more, this season there was evidence of different textures in her collection as she incorporated tin cans onto some of her pieces to give the illusion of crystals. These pieces stood out in more than one way as the cans provided 3D element which can be further linked to Chamberlain's art of crushed metal. As well as metal there was use of silk and chiffon which added to the miss-match effect which Katranzou's designs often demonstrate.

Call me a girly girl, but my favourite pieces of the Spring collection were the tulle dresses which emerged at the end of the show, covered in colour and radiating character. These aren't for wallflowers but for those with the personality to challenge the vibrancy of the dress. As with the rest of Mary Katranzous Spring 2012 ready to wear collection, they're easy to admire and in my opinion compared to her previous collections, they are the easiest to pull off away from the confinement of the catwalk.


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  2. So much love for this woman and collection x