3 Aug 2011

With Love from Spain

I seem to have ruined my resolution of a blog post every week but i do have a reasonable excuse as i'm currently on holiday in Spain. Spain doesn't have many cultural attractions and so my days are taken up basking in the heat (though there are a reasonable amount of clouds) and absorbing myself in books and music. One of the benefits of having wi-fi and a laptop abroad is the chance to escape from my family for some length of time. I've realised often, how i can browse online for hours on end as one website leads to another. The internet is a wonderful thing. It may sound strange, but there's nothing like that feeling of inspiration i get from discovering a certain site or artist or stylist or whatever it may be. This time, it's a photographer. I regularly post editorials which catch my eye and one of my favourite online magazines to look through is Ilovefakemagazine. This is the work of a photographer who has shot for the magazine.

Nicole Maria Winkler has had photographs in numerous magazines, all of which possess a certain rawness about them as she seems to capture a personality not just a model.


  1. These photos are breathtaking. You should also share some photos from your time in Spain. I've never been and would love to live vicariously through you.

  2. Fantastic images! I love the dress in the first one (always looking at clothes dammit!!!) xx

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