24 Aug 2011

Purple Vision

I seem to have been busy doing nothing this past week. Last Thursday i got the results for my AS levels which have been on my mind ever since summer began. I was fairly happy with the grades themselves however they have meant i will be dropping English this year so i have had to say bye bye to my hope of studying fashion journalism. It is not all doom and gloom though because i am now applying for fashion communication. I am now preparing to write my personal statement and university all suddenly seems very real.
Results night
Since then i have been trying desperately to sell my Leeds festival ticket, which i managed however though some of my friends pulled out, i can't remember for the life of me why i decided to sell it. I now have a weekend consisting of nothing ahead of me BUT as well as job hunting, i have decided my hair is stuck in a rut and something needs to be done. It has been long and blonde my whole life and so i have always been a fan of dip dyed hair but in my opinion going lighter on the ends only looks good on darker hair. Therefore i am going to dye my hair white blonde, and get a very light purple dip on the end as well has having it cut shorter. I can't wait. I have spent hours today scouring the internet to look at what looks best. Most of the people/celebrities who have coloured dip dye look effortlessly cool in the photograph, i'm not expecting it to automatically make me look like that but you never know, it may make me feel somewhat empowered.

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