16 Aug 2011


This season's Fall Campaign for Dr.Martens is named 'First and Forever' based on the fact that you always remember your first pair of docs. Online, the brand encourages wearers to reminisce about their first times in all areas of their life, such as love (as Agyness Deyn describes in the short film above). Reading about the campaign inspired me to start thinking about my first pair of the iconic boots. I was 14, and after i told my mum for the millionth time that i'd die if i didn't get a pair, she returned from a trip to york with fluorescent pink Dr.Martens and i instantly fell in love. Not only were they my first Dr.Martens but i felt as though they were the first things i owned which were truly mine. They seemed to hold the experiences i had when i was wearing them, including the 'friendly fires' gig i attended the first night i got them. Aswell as this, they gave me a confidence when i wore them, something at the time i was seriously lacking in. For a long while i was never seen without them but gradually over time, the toes became extremely scuffed so that the patent colour wore away. At first as pathetic as it may sound, i very nearly cried at the sight of the damaged boots but then i took it as a sign that after constant wear over a year and a half, i had outgrown my bright pink docs.
Being reminded of my first pair, i feel the time has come for my second and I am now officially saving up for a pair of black boot Dr.Martens.

Click onto firstandforever.drmartens.co.uk to share your first experiences.

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  1. ooh i love dr martens<3 theyr'e amazing! thanks for the link! :D