18 Dec 2011


It is now over a month since i last blogged. Things have been pretty hectic this last month or so with school, university interview prep (i have my first one on Wednesday) and maintaining some sort of social life. As well as this on Dec 6th I went the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham after receiving two free tickets as i made the final of Junior Journalist of the Year. Unfortunately i didn't win, but the free tickets and spending a day surrounded by clothes was a good consolation prize! We had to write about our style icon and i chose mine on Clemence Poesy, so here it is;
No one does it like the French. It may be over three hundred years since they first instigated the fashion scene, but still there’s no denying that when it comes to the most stylish, France bring fierce competition.
Clémence Poésy encapsulates all that is the Parisian woman; calm, cool, chic. Ever since she emerged onto our screens in Harry Potter, she has been a regular favourite on the fashion radar and it’s obvious why. With messy blonde hair, porcelain skin and authentic features, which have graced the Chloé fragrance campaigns, this girl pulls off that ‘laidback’ look with relaxed perfection; possessing the perfect combination of beautiful, stylish and carefree. Speaking to British Vogue, Clémence wisely states that “Life’s way too beautiful and fascinating to spend time on fashion rules”. Proof that fashion is something she creates but does not necessarily follow, perhaps a consequence of a childhood sheltered from screen icons. Whatever the reason it’s refreshing to find a young actress so unconcerned about being on trend.
Poésy secured her place in the fashion stakes after appearing alongside Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. When comparing Clémence’s own style to that of her on screen character ‘Eva’, it’s hard to separate the two but I suppose if a beautiful, fashionable French girl is playing a beautiful, fashionable French girl there’s not much tweaking involved. More recently, the intriguing beauty has been rightfully spotted front row at fashion shows, though she often refers to fashion as little more than a game claiming that “putting on clothes is like putting on different characters”.
While fashion may be dress up to her, the ability to retain her French roots no matter what clothes she puts on make Clémence a style icon. After all anybody can ‘put’ on clothes, but not everyone has style. 

2 Nov 2011

Curious Kooples

We're used to staring at advertisements of beautiful, photo shopped models, who when paired up have to fake their chemistry but the French brand 'The Kooples' know that there's nothing more intriguing than that mysterious, stylish person on the street because unlike the models they're real people who we can relate to, they're not just a character. So what better way to encourage people to buy their clothes than use ordinary people in their advertisement campaigns. Not just one person, but a real life couple with a story behind their relationship. It's easy to understand why the adverts are going to attract attention and ultimately so are the brand because there's nothing as overpowering as human curiosity. 
 The brand was started by three brothers, and the idea for using real life couples was most likely the consequence of their parents former brand comptoir des cotonniers, who use mothers and daughters in their campaigns.
With blogs now a fashion phenomenon, it's not just stars and their stylists who get attention for their fashion and the people in these advertisements represent that. In my opinion the use of true fashionable people in campaigns is something other brands should perhaps embrace, after all it's those people in the street who are the true consumers of the brand.

31 Oct 2011

Regal Rose

It was my first day back to sixth form today and i had to come home ill, currently sprawled on the sofa with my duvet. However the pain of moving has meant i've spent the entire afternoon blog and website surfing with the success of coming across the jewellery boutique regal rose which is now basically my entire christmas list. My wardrobe pretty much consists of maxi dresses, maxi skirts, and a have a clear obsession with floral headbands so this ethnic boho jewellery shop is my idea of heaven.

25 Sep 2011

Mary Katranzou

I have been a fan of Mary Katranzou since she first emerged on the fashion radar with her debut Fall 2009 collection. Her designs are hard to miss as she constantly demonstrates artistic influences/prints in her clothes in a more obvious way than other designers, perhaps something which has stemmed from her creative background with a interior designer mother and engineer for a father. Some may deem Katranzou as a one trick pony, with her repeated use of prints and colour, however each season she manages to retain her signature look with a different edge. With bright multi colours evident in each of her collections, her Spring 2012 rtw collection delivered much of the same, however this time the prints seemed to blend easier as they became more abstract and the cut of the pieces on the whole was less structured than in previous collections making these pieces wearable off the runway.
 Katranzou's newest collection is based on 'nurture vs nature' and even the catwalk had a brightly coloured flower bed. One of the main influences of this season came from John Chamberlains art, something she states inspires her throughout the majority of her work. As ever this connection to the artist is obvious with her use of blending and clashing prints and colours to make fashion which manages to work even though it shouldn't. Even more, this season there was evidence of different textures in her collection as she incorporated tin cans onto some of her pieces to give the illusion of crystals. These pieces stood out in more than one way as the cans provided 3D element which can be further linked to Chamberlain's art of crushed metal. As well as metal there was use of silk and chiffon which added to the miss-match effect which Katranzou's designs often demonstrate.

Call me a girly girl, but my favourite pieces of the Spring collection were the tulle dresses which emerged at the end of the show, covered in colour and radiating character. These aren't for wallflowers but for those with the personality to challenge the vibrancy of the dress. As with the rest of Mary Katranzous Spring 2012 ready to wear collection, they're easy to admire and in my opinion compared to her previous collections, they are the easiest to pull off away from the confinement of the catwalk.

3 Sep 2011

Style Envy

School is on the horizon, which also means so is autumn. While i am not looking forward to going back to the classroom, I can't say i'm going to miss the back of summer. I am aware i do not sound like a seventeen year old girl, but this summer has dragged towards the end and in a way the beginning of the school year brings that New Years Day feeling. You can go into it full of hope, resolutions and prospects, of course after the first couple of days the novelty wears off but still there's always that excitement a fresh start.
Not only that, but Autumn is my favourite season of the year. My love for each season directly depends to the clothes i wear and from September-November, i envisage layers, baggy knits, dark colours and boots. I've already invested in way too many knits, mainly from HandM, none of which are actually my size. One brown jumper i bought is meant as a top, of course today i wore it as a dress. When it comes to this hobo-chic look, i admire the master of the craft; Mary Kate Olsen. Her fashion sense is less put together and clean cut than her twin, Ashley. I can honestly say that for me, MK always gets it right. With messy hair, the statement sunglasses and the sense that she is wearing ALL the clothes she loves in sizes too big for her, it could be a disaster but to me she is the epitome of effortlessly cool. That's without mentioning her ability to pull of mountains of black clothing and still end up looking feminine and stylish.


Whatever i see her wearing, i want to buy. She has this ability to sell an item of clothing, instantly making it look fashionable so that you feel that you can pull it off too.

24 Aug 2011

Purple Vision

I seem to have been busy doing nothing this past week. Last Thursday i got the results for my AS levels which have been on my mind ever since summer began. I was fairly happy with the grades themselves however they have meant i will be dropping English this year so i have had to say bye bye to my hope of studying fashion journalism. It is not all doom and gloom though because i am now applying for fashion communication. I am now preparing to write my personal statement and university all suddenly seems very real.
Results night
Since then i have been trying desperately to sell my Leeds festival ticket, which i managed however though some of my friends pulled out, i can't remember for the life of me why i decided to sell it. I now have a weekend consisting of nothing ahead of me BUT as well as job hunting, i have decided my hair is stuck in a rut and something needs to be done. It has been long and blonde my whole life and so i have always been a fan of dip dyed hair but in my opinion going lighter on the ends only looks good on darker hair. Therefore i am going to dye my hair white blonde, and get a very light purple dip on the end as well has having it cut shorter. I can't wait. I have spent hours today scouring the internet to look at what looks best. Most of the people/celebrities who have coloured dip dye look effortlessly cool in the photograph, i'm not expecting it to automatically make me look like that but you never know, it may make me feel somewhat empowered.

16 Aug 2011


This season's Fall Campaign for Dr.Martens is named 'First and Forever' based on the fact that you always remember your first pair of docs. Online, the brand encourages wearers to reminisce about their first times in all areas of their life, such as love (as Agyness Deyn describes in the short film above). Reading about the campaign inspired me to start thinking about my first pair of the iconic boots. I was 14, and after i told my mum for the millionth time that i'd die if i didn't get a pair, she returned from a trip to york with fluorescent pink Dr.Martens and i instantly fell in love. Not only were they my first Dr.Martens but i felt as though they were the first things i owned which were truly mine. They seemed to hold the experiences i had when i was wearing them, including the 'friendly fires' gig i attended the first night i got them. Aswell as this, they gave me a confidence when i wore them, something at the time i was seriously lacking in. For a long while i was never seen without them but gradually over time, the toes became extremely scuffed so that the patent colour wore away. At first as pathetic as it may sound, i very nearly cried at the sight of the damaged boots but then i took it as a sign that after constant wear over a year and a half, i had outgrown my bright pink docs.
Being reminded of my first pair, i feel the time has come for my second and I am now officially saving up for a pair of black boot Dr.Martens.

Click onto firstandforever.drmartens.co.uk to share your first experiences.